11:00h – 17:00h
Conference Room, Central Library
7-9 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh, EH1 1EG

The World Through Don Quixo te’s Eyes

18 October 2013

The continuous reading of Don Quixote is conceived as a part of the cultural initiatives that CQTC Group is developing in Scotland, within the Mental Health Film and Arts Festival 2013 in Edinburgh.
This year the festival is conceived within the thematic “Reality and Fiction” in which the main character of the novel fits perfectly “The World through Don Quixote’s Eyes” brings a platform to learn, explore the collaboration between different collectives in Scotland of Hispanic culture and aims awareness of mental health issues.
During six hours of uninterrupted reading, the participants will have a lively forum of participation and the opportunity to become not only recipients but also, the voice of the famous text of Miguel de Cervantes.

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Deadline of inscription: 15th September

You can sign up on before 10th october

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