Mumbai & Mahabalipuram

“The Children Of Tomorrow” Documentary

21 Jan 2012 – 28 Feb 2012

“Los Chicos de Mañana” is a very interesting documentary about the importance of education worldwide. A claim for theater as language. A gamble on support. It has been produced by FlyingCat Poducciones in collaboration with CQTC Branding Talent , the association “Estrella de la Mañana” ( Morning Star) in India and the theatre company “Títeres sin cabeza”.

A theatre company prepare a play in India with victims of the Tsunami of 2004. They want to show the importance of Education. In their trip, they will encountered many troubles with the orphans and the families without economic resources who need hands to work and can’t support a child at school. Finally, despite the odds, they will get to make the play to all people.

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