Mumbai & Mahabalipuram

“The Children Of Tomorrow” Documentary

21 Jan 2012 – 28 Feb 2012

Two young artists from the theater world (a technician and an actress) travel to Paiyanoor (Tamil Nadu) in India. They want to do their bit in a poor society battery by adversity. They will use the universal language of theater ith the Morning Star Association, they organise a play, performed by children from this association’s Boarding School, just one of the multiply projects it has in the Asian country.

The play will be easy to perform and the message easy to understand: the need of education. It will also be modified with the input from the children playing on it.

The documentary will show all the spectacle’s creating process hand in hand with the authors. We will live with the school kids, enjoying the group work and the spirit that only theater can create. We also visit one of the several projects of an aragonese association, Morning Star, who has been over 6 years working offering opportunities to those who have less.

The Morning Star Association.
Association Flyingcat Producciones
Títeres Sin Cabeza Association
Bartok Microcosmos Audiovisual
CQTC Branding Talent

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