Dovecot Studios,
10 Infirmary Street
Edinburgh EH1 1LT


23 May 2010 – 24 May 2010

Graffimenco is the multidisciplinary event where the rooted flamenco and the sprays of “El Niño de las Pinturas” (The Child of the paintings) will flood the creativity in these spring session in Dovecot Studios.

El Niño de las pinturas” started his path as a graffiti artist in the 90ies in Granada. It was 2001 when his works stopped being treated as the vandalism act and started to be considerate as the art work. The city of Alhambra is impregnated with his work, full of message and the humanity.

The public that assists in the event is going to have a chance to contemplate while “El Niño de las pinturas” develops his evocative art, surrounded by the audiovisuals of the pure Spanish flamenco. Moreover the audience will have the opportunity to experience this artistic fusion with their own hand, participating in the programmed Workshops of the Flamenco dance and the Graffiti art as well.

Photos by Abraham Gomez Zapata

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