18:00h – 21:00h
European Parliament

European SME Week Summit

7 October 2011

The European SME Week, which runs from 3 to 9 October, aims to inform entrepreneurs about available support, give recognition to their role in society and promote entrepreneurship. This year’s central event, the European SME Week Summit, will focus on two issues: transfers of business and a second chance for entrepreneurs.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is about breaking barriers and crossing borders,and it contributes to fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and behavior

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme is a business and interpersonal exchange, based on practical experience and joint work on concrete projects rather than plain theory. More specifically, it is a cross-border exchange programme which aims to help EU entrepreneurs enrich their experiences, through learning and networking, and by spending periods of time in enterprises run by experienced entrepreneurs in other EU Member States. It furthermore aims to enhance entrepreneurship, internationalization and competitiveness of new and established micro and small enterprises within the EU.

You can download the PDF here

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