CQTC Branding Talent works to promote creativity in all its forms and focuses its energy on projects that have a positive impact on the areas they are carried out with a direct influence on its residents.

Our association searches for the best venues, which, through the cooperation between artists, institutions and cultural representatives, best entice people to these kind of artistic show of expression, therefore pulling together and enriching relations between disparate countries and cultures.

Our main objective is to demonstrate, on both a local and global level, the enormous influx of new creatives in our environment, and to promote their work. We want to have a significant impact and leave a lasting impression. We promote artistic activities from various locations and convey them to new sites where these expressions acquire a different value.

In front of us, we have a real opportunity of genuine interaction: understanding to levels which previously were not possible, not with audiences but with people: individuals, communities, all sharing knowledge and experiences.

CQTC is based on the ideas that move us and projects that have a clear and positive effect in society. The key to our current success is found in collaboration between artists, communities and businesses.


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